Committee members are voted in at MSFC’s annual general meeting each year. The primary responsibilities of the committee are:

  • Maintaining a culture consistent with MSFC values
  • Effectively delivering football services to MSFC Members
  • Operating in a financially sustainable manner as a solvent entity
  • Meeting the legal obligations of MSFC as an Incorporated Association
  • Adhering to Football Federation Victoria (FFV) requirements
  • Progressing towards MSFC’s strategic goals

Committee members for 2016/2017 are:

  • President: Katie Burns
  • Vice President: Elena Pereyra
  • Treasurer: Natalie Harrison
  • Secretary: Stefany Brajanovski
  • Communications Coordinator: Anna Strempel
  • Partnerships Coordinator: Dario Gualtieri
  • Facilities Coordinator: Teri Hawke
  • Technical Director of Football: Matilda Myers
  • Social Coordinator: Stephanie O’Hanlon
  • Juniors Coordinator: Jennifer Winstanley
  • Seniors Coordinator: Declan Muldoon
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Jacqueline Piper
  • Grants Coordinator: Ali Vandermey
  • Equipment and Kit Coordinator: Joanne McManus
  • Membership Coordinator: Amira Mahmood

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