Put Your Grill’d Token Towards MSFC

MSFC is participating in Grill’d Yarraville’s Local Matters donation program in December 2013.

Each month, Grill’d donates $500 to local groups and asks their customers to decide who the money goes to. When customers buy a burger, they receive a token to put into one of three jars representing different groups. Whichever group has the most tokens at the end of the month receives $300. The other two groups receive $100 each.

To help MSFC with much-needed fundraising, please grab a burger at Grill’d Yarraville (18 Anderson Street, Yarraville) and place your token in the MSFC jar. Any money raised will go towards the running of the club in 2014.

MSFC would like to thank Grill’d for this great community initiative and for allowing the club to participate.