MSFC vs Fitzroy City SC

This was our second game for the 2011 season against Fitzroy City SC and we were ready.
It was a chilly Sunday morning when the game kicked off at 11. We held our ground well for the first half of the game with all areas of the field strong and switched on. Toward the end of the first half Fitzroy unfortunately scored their first goal with a back tap that our goalie could not get to in time. Even still, half time our spirits were high and we were all happy with our performance as was our coach.

The second half of the game started slowly for us and as the defence slipped off slightly Fitzroy were able to score their second and third goal in quick succession which although disappointing did not deter us. The 4th and final goal Fitzroy scored was admittedly a skilled kick from our opposition managing to reach the goal despite of the best efforts of all.

Final score was 4/0 and although we felt disappointed we also felt proud and happy with our performance as it was a magnificent improvement on our last game against Fitzroy early in the season.


Article contributed by Jacqueline Piper