Sunday’s sweet sweet success

Last Sunday saw us playing Elwood City SC in picturesque Elwood Park.

I have to say that us girls were on fire. We defended well, held out strong in midfield and our forwards were constantly harassing the Elwood defenders. We were in our opponents’ part of the field for most of the second half, which to be honest is a relief as a few of us were significantly spent. That was how fast the Elwood players were.

We won by a score of 1-0, although we had a lot more shots on goal. There were many nail-biting hair-pulling moments where we managed to bring the ball agonizingly close to the mouth of the goals but the Elwood goalkeeper and defenders courageously deflected the ball off. It is not an understatement to say that our spectators were squealing and shrieking themselves hoarse.

It was a mighty good match for us as we played our game and we were up against a team of good standing.

This particular game highlighted to us that we are finally gelling as a team and understanding the tactics that our coach has been patiently impressing on us in our last few weeks of training. Well done Swifts!